Play as a Broken Wing,
a citizen of a dystopian future,
trying to survive the Reforms
of the Authority of Freedom.

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a tabletop roleplaying game by Daniele Fusetto and Zeus Longhi


Cyber 1984 in future Italy

Daily Dread - Il Male Quotidiano is a
pre-apocalyptic cyber-dystopian
tabletop role-playing game created
by tabletop rpg veteran
Daniele Fusetto and Zeus Longhi

Italy, about a hundred years into the future.

The Italian people live under the so-called Authority of Freedom, a propaganda name for a regime run by the Milites Liberta. The regime has closed all state borders for decades and nothing can come across them, thanks to an extreme control of the mass media and the web.

Citizens are forced every day to defend themselves or bow to the actions of the Authority, which prefer to creep into their lives every day with small acts of aggression instead of using vulgar displays of violence.

Psychology, or rather a deconstructed version of Rorschach's theories, is the basis of social control. The few Rebel groups act regardless of the consequences, making agreements with the criminal and mafia cartels, which have not yet been purged.

Meanwhile, the Authority has implemented a Reform program to achieve self-sufficiency, turning several citizens into Executors.

In all of this, you will play one of the Broken Wings: ordinary citizens who do not bow to the regime, but find the actions of the Rebels morally questionable.

You will have to find a way to survive: will you sacrifice everything and hide in the plagues of the Regime, or will you suffer trying to stop it?

The Rorscharch's Test

In the future, the Authority of Freedom create a deconstructed version of psychology from Rorscharch's theories. In each city, you can find phones called Rorscharch's Machine were Operators are forced to "read the psychological outcome of actions" to citizens.

The Rorscharch's Test is the main mechanic of the game to determine the action of your citizen: through a system of three blinkers that can change color, you and the Operator will be able to describe what will happen during the game.

A Diegetic Handbook

Daily Dread will be a full color A5 paperback book, plus a stampled A5 zine for stretch goal, with layout that resemble dossiers and documentation from the narrative world.

You will create your citizen thanks to extracts from the Perfect Citizen Handbook and explore the lore with Secret Dossier on which the Rebellion has put their hands.

In each page, you will find also notes and corrections from members of the Rebellion and from Operators, who tries each day to support the citizens in any way they can.

The zine will include scenarios call Reforms and Appendix with campaign rules and a System Reference Document for make your own game!


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